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Google Chrome V2.0.180.0

18-05-2009, 16:28 Автор:tilp Категория:Программы

Google Chrome V2.0.180.0

Название: Google Chrome
Версия: V2.0.180.0
Лицензия: Freeware
Операционая система: Windows
Язык: Русский

О программе:
Компания Google обновила версию для разработчиков браузера Google Chrome до номера
Браузер Chrome обеспечивает, по мнению компании, более удобную, быструю и безопасную работу в Интернете, а также имеет упрощенный дизайн, облегчающий работу.

Release Notes
[r14687]Correctly handle navigation from one page with an interstitial to another. (Issue: 9791)
[r14705]POSIX: don't spawn zombies. (Issue: 9401)
[r14710]Implement tabs.createWindow extension api call. (Issue: 11092)
[r14718]Synchronously update the loading state when a load starts so that the UI will be more responsive and the loading state won't be out-of-sync. (Issue: 11051)
[r14731]Handle printing events when no printer is detected on the local machine. (Issue: 6835)
[r14736]Make the UI font's family and scale 'OS-dependent' (Win XP vs Win Vista/Win 7). (Issue: 7319)
[r14791]Implement a couple more methods for dialog boxes including the prompt box. (Issue: 9623)
[r14827]Support PgUp/PgDn in Omnibox for "first entry/last entry" (Issue: 6857)
[r14862]Stop debugger by escape key. (Issue: 6890)
[r14870]Fixes bug in dragging tabs when clicking right mouse button. (Issue: 10800)
[r14876]Switch to a raw kAEOpenDocuments AppleEvent handler for opening dropped files to avoid crashes when Cocoa feeds us files specified on the command line.
[r14878]Allow words to be wrapped in message box. (Issue: 2441)
[r14880]Disable view-source if the page source is not viewable as text. (Issue: 9562)
[r14886]Clean up handling of --disable-popup-blocking. Now will result in a popup with this flag, where before it resulted in a tab. This necessitated changes to a test that expected one window and two tabs to expect two windows each with one tab.
[r14891]Fix crash on large elements. (Issue: 2044)
[r14910]Make "Reopen closed tab" be "Reopen closed window" when a window is the top item on the closed tabs stack. (Issue: 11183)
[r14913]Avoid invalid read reported by valgrind. (Issue: 11132)
[r14921]Don't insert ASCII character when ctrl(w/o/ alt) or meta is on. (Issues: 11070, 10846, 11165)
[r14925]ClientRectList must provide indexed access method that acts like item() method. (Website compat issue) (Issue: 10697)
[r14932]Workaround fix for Alt-Gr case. (Issues: 10846, 2215)
[r14939]Minimal SetInitialFocus and RestoreFocus for Mac. (Issue: 9419)
[r14948]Closing the last tab with a download in-progress would cause the tab to be closed and become unusable if the user decides not to shut down. (Issue: 10680)
[r14971]Modify WebView drop effect override values. (Issue: 7995)
[r14972]Upadte version for the Lithuanian spell check dictionary. (Issue: 11175)
[r14975]Adjust the Options dlg height for gu to 36. (Issue: 11198)
[r14985]Don't show popups before tabs have been added. Instead, prevent the BrowserView from restoring focus to the tab if the window that contains it isn't visible. This prevents blur events from being fired incorrectly. (Issue: 7991)
[r14762, r14988]Fix problems when making Chrome the default browser while also importing from the current default. (Issues: 9708, 10912, 11094)
[r15008]Added audio/mpeg and video/mpeg to the list of mime types supported by the Activex shim for media player along with their associated extensions. (Issue: 11054)
[r15020]Stop the location bar from flashing white when navigating from one HTTPS site to another. (Issue: 11157)
[r15029]An NPObject can be called as a construct if it implements NPN_Construct, and does NOT implement NPN_InvokeDefault. (Issue: 3285)
[r15031]Filter out 0 and -1, which have special meaning in HashMap. Fixes crash. (Issue: 11264)
[r15035]Add a title to the "download in progress" dialog. (Issue: 10681)
[r15060]Increase the firstrun bubble width for Tamil. (Issue: 11208)
[r15087]Call WebWorkerClient on the main thread. (Issue: 11011)
[r15093]Fix a crash on the SSL logic, when a state transition is performed where we didn't expect. (Issue: 11296)
[r15113]Make Chrome on par with Firefox in terms of 'GetSuggestedFilename' for file download via context-menu. (Issue: 1148)
[r15114]Fix the issue with Options menu fonts display bigger than size of fonts actually set. This was happening because Windows Font Picker returns font size in points, whereas the corresponding pref members for serif, sans-serif and fixed-width fonts expect font size in pixels. (Issue: 7806)
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